Dan Jenkins
Feb 22, 2012
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The brilliance of defacing company property and why everyone should do it with stickers

Whilst working at Holiday Extras, I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a laptop; a Macbook Pro. We all work on Macs at Holiday Extras, with one exception. They’re great to work on and I can’t imagine developing our projects on anything else. Around a third of all the Macs in the company are laptops. They’re great but are they too common? Make a difference, with stickers!


Vinyls and stickers on laptops are becoming more and more popular, it’s a way to show off your own personality. I’m not sure how the trend started at Holiday Extras, but more and more of us are personalising the equipment we use every day; I mean, why not? If you ignore the fact that the equipment doesn’t belong to you, why wouldn’t you make something you use every day more personalised to yourself? You do it with the applications you use throughout the day, so why’s it any different for your hardware?

You can probably figure out a lot about the user from how they’ve personalised their laptop, I’m not a psychologist and I never took psychology at school; so I’ll leave it up to you to interpret what they all mean.

Enough already, show me some pictures

Here’s mine, and a few others:

@dan_jenkins @dan_jenkins

@dan_jenkins @matthewpack

@marcgreenstock @marcgreenstock

@markfermor1 @markfermor1

@vitez2 @vitez2

@matt_smith04 @matt_smith04

WPKenny @WPKenny

This obviously doesn’t go down too well with some of our friends in IT, I know it causes real pain when they have to spend hours removing them when someone either leaves or gets an upgrade; but they enjoy it really… don’t they?

You can see that a lot of of the decals are just random stickers from conferences we attend, but others have been bought especially for the purpose. I love the simplicity of mine and how amazing @WPKenny‘s is but there’s something special about the amount of stickers @markfermor1 and @marcgreenstock have; but @marcgreenstock‘s is just totally brilliantly random.

So why should you do it?

By defacing company property, you don’t only just get a personalised bit of equipment, you get noticed too. When you’re out at a conference, or at an all important meeting with a client, who are your peers going to remember? They’re going to remember the guys (or gals) that have something different from the rest. I went to a conference last year and 99% of people there had Macs, but probably only around 2% of those had something different about them. Promote your company by defacing it’s property! Plus, if you ever lose your laptop on a table full of similar laptops, you’ll always be able to figure out which one’s yours!

Which of the laptops do you prefer? Let us know in the comments…

(Disclaimer: All stats are guestimated to the best of my ability, and I’m not liable if your IT department want to kill you after putting stickers on your laptop, or any other company equipment for that matter)

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