Louis Pryer
Mar 30, 2015
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From Student to Web Developer

So it’s not long now until I will be writing up my report on my time at Holiday Extras, then I will be heading back to the University of Kent to finish off my Computer Science degree. I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on my internship, what I have gained from it and how it has influenced my decisions for my final year at university and my plans once I graduate. Hopefully this post will influence other students like myself to consider taking a year out like I have done and learn that there is more to studying than getting coursework in on time and acing the exams, for there is some things university degrees don’t or can’t teach you.

Like those who came before me, I embarked on my placement year at Holiday Extras after my second year at university. I had some experience with Web Development before I started. However back then this was not my main focus. In fact, I wasn’t even sure myself what I should specialise in, both during my final year and after graduating. I was even close to switching my focus entirely and looking into a different degree. All that said, after my year at Holiday Extras I know now what I would like to focus in and that is Web Development

Comparing what we learnt while at university about Web Development and Agile Software Development and how we work at Holiday Extras, there is a big gap between what is taught and what is used in the real world. For instance, although we were taught Agile Development during our second year, I now know much more about different methods of Agile like Scrum or Lean UX and putting those into practice helped me understand far more than a simple set of lectures could. Another example would be the fact we were learning outdated technologies and practices while at university, using software no longer supported or even used in the work place. While working at Holiday Extras I have had experience with multiple systems that are far more relevant than what we learnt at university. For example, Amazon Web Service systems, using new frameworks and not being restricted by some old framework. All of these things helped me reinforce what I learnt at university while also relearning based on what is more efficient and effective in in the workplace. It also helped being part of an awesome team, delivering great work while having fun along the way!

To other students still deciding whether to take a year out for an Industry Placement, I would definitely go for it - even if you’re not sure what you want to do after university. Taking time out will help you think on what to do and might influence your decision during your final year, like it has done for me. I would also highly suggest looking into working at Holiday Extras. Working here has been awesome. You won’t find a better Industry Placement year elsewhere!

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