Duncan Fenning
Nov 18, 2016
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Remote: The Healthy Choice

It’s been 3 months now, out in the wild world of remote working and I’ve never felt better. I get more sleep, I get more time to unwind and I get to ensure my weekends aren’t full of housework and food shopping. All of these things were simply not feasible when I was commuting to work. It is only now that I have realised that working remotely can enable you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how.


Sleep, as you all know, is important in any healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on everyday life. You don’t need me to list the affects of sleep deprivation as there are countless articles explaining them. What I do know is, that since cutting out my commute, I’ve been able to sleep longer.

From this, I’ve felt less tired and less stressed. Both of these have helped my concentration when working and given me more motivation to learn something new. Feeling more rested doesn’t just improve work ethic, but also encourages you to be more active, which I will dig into a bit later.


Most office environments are full of temptation. Birthday food, vending machines, burger vans and quick trips to the local cafe are everyday occurrences when working in a shared office. However, when you work from home you can only eat what you buy.

This is something I live by. I can only eat what I have available, which makes choosing a healthier diet a lot easier. I only have to be vigilant when I do my food shopping, perhaps once a week. Therefore if fruit is all I buy to snack on, fruit is what I will eat.

Now that I wake up later, I can eat breakfast later too. What this means is that rather than scoffing down a few Weetabix at half 7, I hold out until half 9. This has made a huge difference for me, as I stay full until lunch, rather than feeling hungry by 10 o’clock.

Therefore since I’ve moved to remote working, I am eating less and eating healthier. Being able to sustain a healthy diet, has many positive affects on day to day life. There are studies that show a healthier diet can improve productivity and also improve your mood. Even more reason to dip your toe in remote working!


Exercise is something we should all do, but we often find the excuse of not having the time to do it. In a lot of cases, we do have the time, but are too exhausted from our working day to be bothered.

Remote working has allowed me to take back my time. What I mean by this, is rather than spending 2-3 hours a day commuting, I get to utilise that time in other ways. For example, I can finish work and go to the gym before I would have even left work when I used to commute.

Exercise is proven to be beneficial for your health, your mood and your productivity. When you can take lost time back, you can fit in a lunchtime walk or an after work cycle and you will feel all the better for it.

Chore free weekends

Being able to put some washing on, tidy the house and do the weekly food shop during the week, frees up my weekends to spend time on what I care about most. It is only since I have started working remotely that this has been feasible.

With no commute and feeling more rested, I have the energy to get these jobs done during the week. This frees up my weekends, so I can spend them the way I want, rather than playing catch up with the housework.

Remote encourages a healthy lifestyle

All in all, my remote experience has enabled me to live a healthier lifestyle. This is only because I ensure that I take advantage of the opportunities working remotely gives me. My lifestyle has improved, I am feeling healthier, spending more time doing the things I want to do, all whilst being more productive at work. There is a lot to gain from remote working and I think it would be hard for me to go back to commuting.

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