Rob Huzzey
Feb 24, 2015
2 mins reading time

Making stuff happen

Do you have a “todo list” with ideas on it that never get completed? You have the same 24 hours in a day as everybody else but still find it hard to fit in all the things you want to get done.

Here’s a few suggestions to help make stuff happen!

  1. Delegate: Is an idea better delegated or stagnated? You’d be surprised how often “cool ideas” get stuck on a todo list, does the thought of letting that great idea go to somebody else send a shiver down your spine?

  2. Put a date on it: How many times have you said “I/We should” but never really committed to arranging a date to start? By simply putting a sensible date to start an idea, you at least start it, which is one step towards getting it done.

  3. Tell somebody: Just by sharing the idea, you are more likely to complete it because you would likely get feedback, good or bad, that will drive you towards achieving that goal.

  4. Make a “do not do” list: Things like Facebook, watching a TV show & even cooking a meal take up time. Get takeout / Turn off the TV / Block Facebook & use that time saved to work on your idea. If you really start to think about it, you waste a lot more time than you realise.

  5. Get up an hour earlier: You will be less likely to procrastinate in the morning (maybe after a coffee to get you going) and it’s better for you than staying up an hour late.

If you really can’t do any of the above, there is a more extreme option…

Remove it: Yep, just take an idea off your list! If you really can’t bear to delegate it or it’s been stagnating for ages, kill it off, all those extra ideas that clutter up your list are making the whole thing seem overwhelming. By removing a few (or at least one), you will find better clarity & focus to pick off the tasks that really matter to you.

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